Tradicional Recipes

Homemade and at everyone's sight

Queijada e Travesseiro de Sintra, Biscoitos, Pastel de Nata,
e Bolo Rainha

Our guitly pleasures

For all tastes, Sintra's homemade traditional pastries, at your fingertips

Sweet Tradition

An approach that encompasses the passion and professionalism of an excellent pastry, which reinforces the role of tradition and quality in modern times

Paulo Veríssimo


Paulo, a trained economist, with a strong connection to the Sintrense associative movement, with professional experience in the areas of Management, Marketing and Communication, he takes responsibility for creating the Brand, placing it on the map. Paulo breathes projects and causes. Having a sweet tooth is his weak point.

Pedro Gomes


Pedro, Confectioner by profession, with extensive experience in the area, born and raised in Sintra, son of a family linked for several decades to the manufacture of pastries is responsible for creating our delicious Quijadas and Travesseiros. Pedro is our Chef. In Pedro’s veins there is also a passion for sport. His motto is “healthy body, healthy mind”, but with a little sugar.

Para qualquer ocasião

Luxury and Tradition

Explore our offer of special high quality pastries for any occasion. Order for yourself or your event and turn it into a special moment

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